The County Treasurer is elected every four years at a general election and serves as the county finance officer.

The Treasurer is responsible for collection of taxes and other fees for state, county, city, school districts, community colleges, and other taxing bodies such as townships, fire districts, and drainage districts.

The Treasurer collects and accounts for all funds coming into the county from the various departments.

The County Treasurers' Office is responsible for all motor vehicle transactions and issues driver licenses.

Tax Duties

  • Preparing and mailing annual tax statements
  • Property tax collections
  • Tax apportionment to all taxing bodies
  • Investment of county funds
  • Balance financial records

Motor Vehicle Duties

  • The State of Iowa Department of Transportation directs the County Treasurer as their agent to process motor vehicle transactions and collect appropriate fees according to the Code of Iowa (law).
  • Motor vehicle titling and registration and collection of New Registration fees (Use Tax)

Driver License Duties

  • Issue Iowa driver licenses, identification cards, employee identification cards and handicapped parking permits
  • Conduct written testing and road tests for vehicles and motorcycles

Semi Annual Report