Alcohol / Tobacco Training

What You Will Learn

The Alcohol and Tobacco Training Session can help you and your employees:
  • Become familiar with Iowa laws and regulation regarding alcohol sales
  • Have the opportunity to hear experiences of other license holders
  • Know how to best handle customers who have "had too much to drink"
  • Lear how to identify valid and counterfeit ID's
  • Learn helpful hints for checking identification
  • Learn how to pass compliance checks
  • Learn what your rights and responsibilities are if someone presents an invalid ID

Benefits of Training

Retail sellers of alcohol, law enforcement personnel, and prevention specialist all have a common goal and responsibility to keep our community safe. We urge you as responsible business people and license holders to call and reserve a space for you and your employees for this session. Along with compliance checks and working with parents to monitor their youth, beverage server training is an important strategy to reduce the damage done by underage drinking in this county. The Clayton County Sheriff's Office can hold this training upon request.


For more information please contact Tim Engelhardt, Deputy Sheriff, at the Clayton County Sheriff's Office 563-245-2422.