Property Tax Exemptions

If an application is required, but no specific filing deadline is given, the form must be filed by July 1 in order to be applied in the current assessment year. It is up to the taxpayer to prove that an exemption should be granted. If property is given as a gift or purchased by a library; art gallery; religious, literary, or charitable society; or educational institution if the transfer happened after the filing deadline for a tax credit if they would have been entitled to that credit had an application been turned in before the deadline.

Other Eligible Property

The following property is also eligible for exemption under Iowa Code Chapter 427.
  • Agricultural produce
  • Art gallery buildings and grounds if they are nonprofit and for public use
  • Cemeteries
  • Charity society property
  • Dwellings owned by community housing organizations
  • Federal property
  • Fire company buildings and grounds
  • Government land
  • Homes for soldiers
  • Iowa National Guard property
  • Library buildings and grounds if they are nonprofit and for public use
  • Mobile home park storm shelters
  • Municipal property
  • Property belonging to educational institutions
  • Property for municipal water utilities
  • Property of cemetery associations
  • Property of literary societies
  • Property used by web search portal site business
  • Public airports
  • Public grounds
  • Public TV station property
  • Railway right-of-way if an option to purchase is held by the Iowa Finance Authority
  • Religious property
  • Rural water nonprofit corporation property
  • State property
  • War veteran association property